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Kevin Davis' grandfather faces America's notorious bank robber
An essay about a newspaper thief, a newspaper junkie and a dying industry.
A memoir of my old crime reporting days, an old pal and some lessons about death
Can a brain injury turn you into a criminal? A look at the clash of neuroscience, law and criminal responsibility
One man's obsession to row solo across the Atlantic
Counterfeiting gone wild
How a teen-age beauty queen became an American porn queen
What it feels like to get shot
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Journey to the Outback
Hills and Thrills Deep Down in Mexico

Kevin Davis Author and Journalist Photo by Anne Ryan,

The Wrong Man

Praise for Kevin Davis' first book, The Wrong Man

"A masterpiece of reporting. No other story, fact or fiction, could be as gripping" - Pulitzer Prize-winning writer Edna Buchanan

Coming Feb. 28 from Penguin Press

    "A riveting journey down a new corridor in the American courthouse.
    An important book." - Michael Connelly

    From author and journalist Kevin Davis comes a riveting new work of narrative nonfiction that combines true crime, brain science and courtroom drama. The Brain Defense takes readers into the complex world of neuroscience and law, and raises profound questions about free will, criminal responsibility and our justice system.

    Release date: February 28, 2017 from Penguin Press/​ Penguin Random House


    Discussion and signings:

    Thursday, March 2
    Barnes & Noble DePaul University Bookstore
    1 East Jackson Blvd
    Chicago, IL 60614

    Wednesday, March 8
    Book Cellar
    4736 N. Lincoln Ave.
    Chicago, IL 60625

    Friday, March 24
    Literati Bookstore
    124 E. Washington St.
    Ann Arbor, MI 48104


    Defending the Damned Available in Paperback!

    Kevin Davis' critically acclaimed book tells the true story of a group of battle-hardened lawyers fighting for those accused of the ultimate crime.

    Davis takes you behind the scenes with an elite and fascinating group of public defenders who handle only one kind of case: murder. In this dark corner of the criminal justice system, nothing is ever as it seems.

    Crime writer and best selling author Michael Connelly says:

    "Kevin Davis gets so far inside the story that you would swear he was sitting right there at the defense table. With a journalist's keen eye for telling detail and dialogue, he has written a completely gripping and revealing assessment of what is not only going on in our courtrooms but in our society as well. Defending the Damned is a great and important book."

    Critical acclaim for Defending the Damned:

    "Pick it up. You won't be able to put it down"

    - Chicago Tribune

    Defending the Damned is one of the most compelling books I have read in memory…It’s an astonishing book”- Rick Kogan WGN Radio, Chicago

    "skillfully crafted "- Publishers Weekly

    "an engrossing behind-the-scenes look"
    - Chicago Sun-Times

    "intimate and gripping" - Time Out Chicago

    "outstanding...a fine and highly readable specimen of reporting combined with creative nonfiction." - South Florida Sun-Sentinel

    "reads like a emotional roller coaster"- Chicago Reader

    "an amazing book...riveting"- Chuck Mertz, WNUR Radio, Chicago


    Media Coverage of Defending the Damned:
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    More Praise For Defending the Damned:

    "Stunningly real and poetically unromantic, Defending the Damned delivers us into a world of accused monsters and the complex souls who have sworn to stand by them. Davis’s subjects trust him – an astonishing result in a part of Chicago where trust disappears first – and he hears everything they say."

    -Robert Kurson, New York Times bestselling author, Shadow Divers

    "In his remarkable narrative, Kevin Davis uncovers the true heroes of the court system. This is one of those rare books that will change your mind about lawyers."

    -Gerry Spence, lawyer and bestselling author

    "With a true journalist’s reverence for truth and accuracy, Kevin Davis presents a raw and real version of the way our legal system works from a side that rarely comes into the light, but one our democracy cannot survive without."

    - Jonathon King, Edgar Award-winning crime novelist


    Speaking engagements

    Kevin Davis is available to speak on a variety of criminal justice and legal issues, including capital punishment, the death penalty, criminal defense work, public defenders, wrongful convictions, crime, law enforcement and police work. Contact the author at the link below.